Together we bring sustainability and circularity to the sports industry

Welcome to All Sport Recycled

We have set out on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of worn down artifcial soccer turfs, and contribute to a sustainable and circular life cycle of any sport facility

We develop technology, offer products and deliver services that

 by extending the lifespan of the sport facility

INCREASE THE REUSE OF RAW MATERIAL on new or existing sport facilities

RECYCLE RAW MATERIAL into a new circular life cycle

What are the challenges we are facing with artificial soccer turfs?

The last 20 years there has been a world wide explosion in the use of artificial soccer turfs. This is not withouth consequences

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We offer a wide range of products and services for separation, reuse and recycling of artifical soccer turfs, developed in close collaboration with our customers and partners.

The LOKI – Mobile Separation of artifical soccer turfs

LOKI is the first mobile solution for creating clean raw material, ready for reuse and recycling, of worn down artificial soccer turfs

Welcome to the world of LOKI

Reuse and Recycle
-A network of partners-

With our know-how and network of pre-approved partners, we offer access to a worldwide marketplace the separated material, bringing the raw material into a circular lifecycle

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The numbers talk for themselves

With the LOKI and the know how of All Sports Recyled and our partners, we are able to dramatically reduce both the environmental impact, the cost for the customers and the sustainability of artifical soccer turfs.

Reduction in the use
of semi trucks

Reduction in cost
for the turf owner 

of the turfs are to be
recycled or reused

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What is cooking?

Both the artificial soccer turfs industry and All Sports Recycled are in constant change and development. Here you can read about the latest news and updates from the world

Already own a solution to empty the turf?

If you already have invested in a system to remove the infill from the turf, like the SMG turfmuncher or the GKB Infill Remover, you will of course be able[…]

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The first LOKI system in operation in Norway

All Sports Recycled are happy and proud to have delivered the first LOKI-6 system to the Norwegian sport facility service provider TeBe Sports. The system was ordered in November 2020[…]

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ASR joins the ESTC EMEA Synthetic Turf Council

All Sports Recycled is proud to be a part of the ESTC EMEA Syntetic turf council. ESTC is the industry association for the synthetic turf industry and has the vision to serve[…]

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