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Thank you for a fantastic day in Brescia

Thank you to everyone joining for the Open Day in Brescia (Italy) on the 7. October 2022! Here we were able to showcase and presented the newly produced LOKI-8 processing plant, before it was shipped off to its US owner. We had almost 100 people joining us for this fantastic event, where discussions on the…
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Invitation to open day and presentation of our LOKI system

100% Turfrecyclers and All Sports Recycled have just completed the production and FAT of the LOKI-8, our mobile processing facility for reuse, repurposing and recycling of artificial soccer turfs. As the first player in the industry, we have created a turn key package consisting of an affordable processing plant, an efficient work process and a…
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Our July 2022 newsletter is out

Our July newsletter with the latest and greatest from our mission to reuse, repurpose and recycle artificial soccer turfs

New family members soon to be launched

With the LOKI and THOR systems, a new set of tools for reuse and repurposing of artificial soccer turfs was introduced to the industry. With its mobility, high production capacity and price level at a fraction of the price of existing fixed plants, it has made processing available to all that wants to deliver a…
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Discgolf – a natural exit for the syntetic turf

Disc golf is one of the most fast-growing sports in the world. There are over 13 000 courses worldwide, and every day 5,28 new courses are added to these stats. Every disc golf hole begins on an initial throwing place – the tee. On new disc golf courses, the most popular tee choice is turf.…
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The first LOKI for outside of Europe is under construction

We are proud to announce that the first LOKI for a non-EU (and non-schengen) country is under construction, and is to be delivered during summer of 2022. With this we are also expanding our network of worldwide partners that can share and develop a large number of exit streams for the artificial turf.

Already own a solution to empty the turf?

If you already have invested in a system to remove the infill from the turf, like the SMG turfmuncher or the GKB Infill Remover, you will of course be able to continue using these systems. The LOKI will be adapted so that you will be able to use the infill remover to fill your big-bags,…
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The first LOKI system in operation in Norway

All Sports Recycled are happy and proud to have delivered the first LOKI-6 system to the Norwegian sport facility service provider TeBe Sports. The system was ordered in November 2020 and after 6 months of production, the LOKI found its way to its new life in the cold north in May 2021. The LOKI is…
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ASR joins the ESTC EMEA Synthetic Turf Council

All Sports Recycled is proud to be a part of the ESTC EMEA Syntetic turf council. ESTC is the industry association for the synthetic turf industry and has the vision to serve as the forum to promote, develop, grow and advocate for the synthetic turf industry. ESTC is the Voice of the Industry and it aims to fulfill her…
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The first LOKI-6 is produced and undergoing FAT in Italy and SAT in Norway.

The first LOKI-6 has been under production since November 2020, and is now in the final stages before starting its operation in Norway. The production process has been carried out without any unforeseen challenges, despite of the COVID-19 situation that has affected all parts of production, from equipment delivery from sub-suppliers to local assembly resources.…
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