Expanding the LOKI family with increased capacity

Expanding the LOKI family with increased capacity

The first LOKI model, the LOKI-6, was designed to be efficient, small and agile. With its capacity of 6-7 tons/h, it offers quick, flexible and easy transportation and logistics when moving from turf to turf, only requiring the use of two semi-trailers for transport.

New family members

To adapt to the diversity in both operation, potential and market requirements, we have continued working on the LOKI technology, focusing on increasing its capacity all while still maintaining mobility. Today we are proud to announce the arrival of two new family members, the LOKI-15 and the LOKI-30.

Increased capacity

The LOKI-15 and the LOKI-30, offering respectively 15 tons/h or 30 tons/h, are designed to be highly mobile, using 5 standard semi-trucks to move the 40 feet containers from location to location. The new models are ideal for customers having the possibility or need to gather a large number of turfs at one or several central locations. Here LOKI will spend some weeks or months at each place, separating, cleaning and packing the turfs, making the raw material ready for reuse and repurposing.