Reuse and Recycling

Truly sustainable and circular

Reuse and Recycle the separated material

Using the LOKI, you will transform the rolls of worn down artificial soccert turfs into clean and dry raw material, ready for reuse and recycling. Through All Sports Recycled you will have access to the needed know how and a large international network, for reusing and recycling the separated material

Join our community and marketplace for reuse and recycle of raw material

To ensure a truly sustainable and circular management of worn down artificial soccer turfs, the endpoints for the reuse and recycling is important. Through the separation process you will take ownership of a large amount of raw material, which will get new life through reuse and recycling

Reuse on exiting or new sport facilities

By offering the material to new or existing sport facilities, the clients will save money on both transport and the reuse of raw material.

Reuse by repacking

Using raw material as the main component in the production of products like shockpads, barrel wheels and rubber curbs.

Recycle through industrial partners

Through our network of industrial partners producing plastic granules and consumer products

Keeping the
material in a controlled circular process

Together we shall to keep the material from the separation process as high in the waste hieriachy as possible. Burning or sending the material to the landfill is not a sustainable option.

All Sports Recycle are continious working to establish new partnerships and gain new knowledge that will ensure an increasing number of sustainable and circular exit options

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