We hope to see you at one of our webinars

Here at All Sports Recycled we want to ensure that you have access to updated information on the status, possibilities and future development of the products and services for reuse and repurposing of worn down artificial soccer turfs.

To facilitiate this as efficient as possible, we arrange regular webinars, adapted in both topic and length, to be able to both meet the need for information and to fit into a busy work schedule.

Just listen in, or actively participate, you decide

When attending our webinars, you are not required to share video or audio, and do not need to participate in any way. Just listen in, or participate by sharing a question, if you feel like it. If you want to know more, contact us after the webinar is ended.

Planned webinars

Below you will find an overview the webinars that are scheduled.
Participate from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. We recommend using a headset for best audio experience.

LOKI – Mobile separation plant for artificial soccer turfs

Introduction to LOKI; what does it solve, how does it work and how is this a business opportunity

Business case – Establishing a local or national service

Is it possible to create a profitable business on sustainability and managing worn down artificial soccer turfs?